Basil Twist has a passion for public speaking and lecture / demonstrations

As a public speaker Twist contextualizes puppetry as a singular and serious art form and highlights it’s essence by comparing and demonstrating representative forms against abstraction, which has been a hallmark of his career. With his own dynamic artistic story as a third generation puppeteer, his distinction as the sole American to attend the École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette, decades of engagement in New York City's high and low art scenes, combined with his international design reputation - Twist is an engaging and empathetic speaker who skillfully connects an audience with the mystery of the animate versus the inanimate in which puppetry invites us to explore.

In intimate workshop experiences Basil Twist demonstrates and shares insights into how he has furthered the contemporary artistry and technical craft of puppetry. Alongside Twist, participants will learn to animate the inanimate through explorations with raw materials; listening for and uncovering their inherent generous nature and unlimited possibilities. A boot-camp for a distinct form of creativity culminating in individual or grouped small performances. Workshops can be tailored to various conditions/programs.

Experiences/Testimonials from workshop participants

"Very imaginative series of engaging exercises and project. It is unusual to encounter such a workshop that is not text based - a real breath of fresh air and a creative boost - also applicable and useful in future classes. Twist was unusually approachable and not at all self centered (sometimes an occupational illness in the theater)."

"The day was inspirational. It was exciting to talk about the theoretical value of puppetry in the classroom, and i found it useful to practice making a tiny performance. I loved being on my feet, participating in the movement, and actively trying techniques I’d never tried before. Good fun."

"Basil was a creative force and so easy to watch and listen to. I was definitely inspired by him and the exercises we participated in. It was incredibly valuable on a human level that transcended the teacher role."

To inquire more about speaking and workshop opportunities, contact barbara@tandemotter.org