A collaboration between Lee Breuer and Basil Twist. The world knows "Streetcar Named Desire" as a film. Twist & Breuer pay an abstract homage to the film from a formalist perspective. Add to the that the Japanese metaphor and they have come up with "screens". In the 16th century Bunraku was born on Awajishima Island. There also developed there a magnificent concept of decor that was virtually cinematic.

After a long separation, Blanche Dubois visits her sister Stella, who lives in a working class neighborhood of New Orleans where she is married to Stanley Kowalski, a handsome and impulsive man who likes to drink and gamble. Blanche criticizes her sister for marrying beneath her, while admitting she has lost the beautiful family home of Belle Rêve. Stanley, upset to see that his wife’s inheritance has been squandered, remains unmoved by his sister-in-law’s simpering and discovers that she lost her job as a teacher for having an affair with a minor, then got by as the client of shady hotels, living off the kindness of certain gentlemen. Blanche’s mental health, profoundly affected by a youthful love that came to a tragic end, falters on the contradiction between the image of the pure woman she tries to project and the reality of her own decline.



"Exciting is an equally understated term for “A Streetcar Named Desire” created by his Mabou Mines company on a commission from the Comédie Française for its prestigious Salle Richelieu. - Paris Voice






production Credits

Mise en scène de Lee Breuer
Collaboration à la mise en scène et scénographie Basil TWIST, Collaboration artistique, Marie-Claire PASQUIER, Dramaturgie Maude MITCHELL, Costumes Renato BIANCHI, Lumières Arnaud JUNG, Musique originale et direction musicale John MARGOLIS, Collaboration artistique pour le mouvement Jos HOUBEN, Maquillages et coiffures, Beth THOMPSON, Assistant à la mise en scène et interprète François LIZÉ, Le décor, et les costumes ont été réalisés dans les ateliers de la Comédie-Française.

Anne KESSLER - Blanche DuBois, Éric RUF-Stanley Kowalski, Francoise GILLARD - Stella Kowalski, Christian GONON - Pablo Gonzales, Léonie SIMAGA - Eunice Hubbell, Bakary SANGARE - Steve Hubbell, Gregory GADEBOIS - Harold Mitchell, Stephane VARUPENNE - le Tromboniste, la Femme mexicaine et l’Inconnue (l’Infirmière), et l’eleve-comedien, de la Comédie-Francaise, Samuel MARTIN - le Gorille et un kurogo, Mathieu SPINOSI-le Jeune Vendeur de journaux, le Violoniste et un kurogo, Pascale MOE-BRUDERER - la Fille des rues et un kurogo, Gauderic KAISER - l’Inconnu (le Medecin) et un kurogo

Musiciens et Chanteurs - John MARGOLIS, Ronald BAKER, RED ONE