The Araneidae Show

"It is this quality which makes Twist's show art and not just hollow virtuosity,. he gives to his audience something from deep inside and makes us care." - The Puppetry Journal.

"The Araneidae Show and Other Pieces" was first performed in Charleville-Mézières, France in 1993 and was Twist’s first piece to draw attention in New York. Twist performed this show by himself. A solo puppetry extravaganza of showgirls, lonely streets, cats, deconstructing theaters, sex, despair, magic, metamorphosis, and the fragile web of illusion sometimes called "reality" with the many-faced,menacing, and mystical spider ever-present in the corner of the audience's eye and at the center of it all tugging the strings of its creation. From deep inside his puppet stage and himself one lone puppeteer unravels, unveils, and unleashes this vulgar and spectacular story through the power of surreal imagery, baroque machinery, and the heartbreaking tiny gestures of his miniature actors. His hands are more than full, and yet, he expresses himself as effortlessly as in song, because the tale he tells, really happened to him. "The Araneidae Show and Other Pieces” received a 1997 New York Dance and Performance Award “Bessie”, and an UNIMA Citation of Excellence.


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Also presented at : The Andy Warhol Museum - Pittsburgh (2002), ICA - London (2002), NOH Space - San Francisco (2001), Here Arts Center - New York City (2001), The Center for Puppetry Arts - Atlanta (1998), University of Maryland - Baltimore City (1998), The Henson International Puppetry Festival - New York City (1996), The Silver Whale Gallery - New York City (1995), The International Marionette Festival - Charleville (1994), Cite' Internationale - Paris (1994), The Festivale Internazionale de Buratini - Cervia, Italy (1993)