Wonderboy is a boy who has special sensitivities, the uncanny ability to empathize with all types of people, an intuitive knack that sets him apart from others. He feels small and apart, an outsider with his nose pressed up against the glass looking in, but in truth, he has enormous power - to see and perceive and even to heal with his gentle demeanor. In "Wonderboy" the operating of the puppet will become part of the dance. The unique blend of disciplines builds on the acclaimed Joe Goode Performance Group method of storytelling through text, song, and dance. Dance-Theatre premiere by choreographer-director Joe Goode in collaboration with Basil Twist, composers Carla Kihlstedt and Matthias Bossi

"Here, dance not only dominates. It does what it has done since time immemorial: It expresses what words cannot. That Twist can wrap his puppet in shades of meaning seems an act of considerable genius. " - Voice of Dance

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Photo: Laura Morton