Red beads

Red Beads is a gothic, coming-of-age fairy-tale/opera, choreographed aerially.  Lee Breuer's performance poem, drawn from an original story by Polina Klimovitskaya, explores the eerie family dynamic of a daughters' transition into womanhood and the gift, from mother to daughter, of the red beads, a metaphor for the passage of power and sexuality.  Using only wind, Basil Twist transforms swaths of fabric into luminous, quivering, ephemeral sets and puppets- Along the way, challenging our perception of space and proportion. Ushio Torikai's haunting, dissonant score swells and ebbs, driving the story while evoking the psychological tension one equates with Hitchcock.

Written and directed by Lee Breuer

Music by Ushio Torikai

Puppetry direction by Basil Twist