"Mr. Twist has given the company "Darkness and Light," an engrossing work that seems at once a return to pure Pilobolus essence and a complete departure from basic Pilobolism. " - New York Times

Basil Twist joined Pilobolus for their second annual International Collaborators Project. This new commission created by the company was a unique opportunity to explore the unencumbered imagination of a puppeteer with the magical imagery of shadows. Darkness and Light premiered at The American Dance Festival 2008

Darkness and Light, Pilobolus’s brings shadow play to the stage. Pilobolus co-Artistic Directors Robby Barnett and Jonathan Wolken worked with acclaimed puppeteer Basil Twist. Using hand-held bulbs and image-manipulating materials based in shadow puppetry techniques, Twist taught Pilobolus dancers the art of light and dark illusion. The result of this collaboration, a journey between the micro and macroscopic worlds in which we live, reaches a new frontier of corporeal imagination.

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production Credits

Choreographed by Basil Twist, Robby Barnett and Jonathan Wolken in collaboration with Andrew Herro, Jeffrey Huang, Jun Kuribayashi, Jenny Mendez, Manelich Minniefee, Edwin Olvera, and Annika Sheaff.

Premiered at the American Dance Festival, Durham, NC June 19, 2008. Funded by the American Dance Festival, Darcy and Treacy Beyer, and the Xerox Foundation.