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“True magic turns the ordinary into the sublime, and there's no denying the presence of magic in Basil Twist’s extraordinary interpretation of Berlioz’s ''Symphonie Fantastique.''...It comes as close to anything I've seen to finding physical equivalents to the abstractions of classical music... It’s as if you had been listening with your eyes.” - Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“I am grateful, excited, and terrified all at the same time to be bringing back my Symphonie Fantastique this April, on the occasion of it’s 20th anniversary premiere that launched the Dream Music Puppetry Program, and is a centerpiece of HERE’s 25th anniversary season." - Basil Twist
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In 1998, Basil Twist debuted his boundary-breaking response to Berlioz’s 1830 “Symphonie Fantastique” to universal acclaim. In the two decades since this New York premiere, Twist has become an internationally recognized artist in opera, ballet, and on Broadway, and has won countless awards including the illustrious MacArthur Fellowship. Twist will revisit his legendary masterpiece with live accompaniment by the virtuosic Christopher O’Riley playing the exquisite Liszt transcription. Symphonie floats and swirls in a 1,000-gallon water tank neatly disguised as a puppet stage. For the many who never saw it, and for those who relish seeing it again and again, the return of this tour de force is the event of the season.

Symphonie Fantastique returns on March 29th for a 12 week limited engagement- through June 17th.

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production Credits

Created by Basil Twist

Featuring pianist Christopher O’Riley

Puppeteers: Kate Brehm, Ben Elling, Andy Gaukel, Jonothon Lyons, and Lake Simons

Lighting Design by Andrew Hill